I’m A Cat Lady & I’m Damn Proud.

We all know of that stigma of being labeled as a ‘Cat Lady’ and you know what I have to say about that? I love my pussy and I’m damn proud of it.

Here’s why (aside from being super freaking adorable, quiet, therapeutic, minimal, and just plain awesome):

M.R., this is for you.

1. They leave you alone. As weird as that may sound, I love the fact that my cat gives me space and isn’t always looking for attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cat to death but sometimes you need a little space. This is probably going to sound odd but I think it may have to do something with humans having to actually work for a cat to love you. They don’t give in easily and they make you work for their affection. Also, that one moment they decide to cuddle back. Magical. Hey, Human, you want me to love you? Well, you better work for it. Challenge Accepted.

2. Born Potty Trained. Geez, I love this one. We don’t need to buy pee pads or take them to disciplinary school to learn how to not pee everywhere. From day one, we give them a box of sand and somehow, someway, cats are already genetically imprinted with the “Don’t Fucking Pee On Everything” gene. Thank you, Cat God, thank you so much.

3. This next one is in correlation to the previous. Cats are tremendously clean animals, like to their very core. It really is just great. Especially if you happen to be someone who works long hours and don’t always have time to be at their beckon call. As long as you keep the kitty litter box clean, you are pretty much in the clear for any unwelcome surprises laying around the house.

4. They are especially sassy little creatures. I love the randomness and unexpected cuteness of felines. They surprise you in such little ways that honestly have such an impact on you in such a deeper level. It truly is amazing how many times my cat has pleasantly surprised me with a random cuddle or a quirky little fall. They don’t try to be funny, they’re naturally funny. You never know what they’re thinking, which gives it this element of surprise.

5. Cats are basically a living version of Bug-Off. Literally. Cats are born curious, which makes them the best critter killer. They are natural insect repellents and it’s fucking awesome. Especially if you happen to be like me. I hate spiders (UGH). I hate creepy crawlers. I hate bugs. My cat is my knight in shining armor. He is my personal exterminator.

My point is if you start to question whether you fall into the Cat Lady category or not, take that question(s) and shove it up every reason why you think you may fall into that categories asshole. Embrace it. Love your cat because I’m sure they love you back. Unless you’re a hoarder but that’s a whole different category in itself.





  1. I’m obliged to say that’s one of THE most AWwwwwwwww photos I’ve seen in a month of Sundays. GORGEOUS.
    And I’m not obliged to say but do, with the greatest pleasure, that every point you make about these glorious animals cannot be contradicted. Every one is spot-on.
    My cat is not totally loveable, and he doesn’t want to picked up and cuddled all the time; but he does come and lie on the floor when I’m here in the study, and he does come and leap on top of the recliner chair next to mine when I’m in the loungeroom … I mean!
    Terrific post, Blair! – just terrific …

    1. Isn’t that photo just heart-wrenchingly adorable? It was taken at a local rescue in Berks County, PA where children read books to sheltered cats. Yeah…my heart, too, almost exploded when I found out the origins of the photo.

      You must have a precious feline! 🙂 I especially love those moments of affection. They may be rare, but when they happen, and they do happen, it is such a great feeling.

      Thank you for the kind words, M. R.! I’m extremely grateful for all your comments and feedback. Happy Writing, Friend!

      1. As we’re following each other, there appears to be a fairly strong likelihood of another meeting ere long, eh? – that’ll be nice. 🙂

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